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Simple and Compound Sentences Exercise

Before doing the exercise, review the explanation of compound sentences and how to use coordinating conjunctions.


A simple sentence is a sentence that expresses one complete thought.

A compound sentence is a sentence made up of two simple sentences joined by a comma and a coordinating conjunction: and, but, so, for, or.

Time to practice!

Join each pair of simple sentences to make compound sentences. Use a comma and a conjunction.
1. The test was long. It was not difficult.

2. You may find the cat in your room. It may be in the yard.

3. I got a full mark in the test. My mother was proud of my efforts.

4. He wore a jacket. It was chilly outside.

5. She went to the market. She bought some milk.

6. I felt tired. I went to bed early.

7. I like pizza. I don't like pepperoni pizza.

8.You can go to the park. You can stay home.

9. It was raining. We stayed inside.

10. We stayed home. We enjoyed Mom's chocolate cake.

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