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Simple Present or Present Continuous?

Put the verbs in the correct form (simple present or present continuous) to complete these sentences.

1. Sarah usually on Mondays and Wednesdays. (swim)

2. We a delicious breakfast right now. (have)

3. What for the upcoming exams? (study)

4. The sun in the east. (rise)

5. John the guitar at the moment. (play)

6. I _ why you’re angry. (not / understand)

7. She French at a language institute this semester. (learn)

8. They a movie every Friday night. (watch)

9. The sun brightly today. (shine)

10. She in ghosts. (not / believe)

11. The train at 10:30 every morning. (leave)

12. Look! The cat the tree. (climb)

13. He this math problem. (not / understand)

14. They a new school in our neighborhood. (build)

15. She as a doctor at the local hospital. (work)

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