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Simple Present_Negative Exercise

Before doing the exercise, review how to form simple present verbs.

Quick Reminder:

Negative of simple present verbs:

We make negative simple present verbs by adding do not (or don’t)  or does not (or doesn’t) before verb 1.

  • I / We / You / They do not work.
  • He / She / It does not work.

Time to practice!

Use the verbs given to make the sentences negative.

1. I like football, but I basketball. (like)

2. They a big apartment. (want)

3. He very hard on the weekends. (work)

4. She my cousin. (be)

5. You your best to solve the problem. (do)

6. My brother to school on his bike. (go)

7. We ready for the event. (be)

8. He Italian. (understand)

9. My parents bread these days. (eat)

10. John video games. (play)

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