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Quantifiers in English

Practice your knowledge of quantifiers by doing these exercises.

Some or Any?

A few or A little?

What are quantifiers?

Quantifiers are words or phrases that tell us about the quantity and degree (or how much) of something there is. They can be used with both countable nouns (things we can count, like bananas) and uncountable nouns (things we can’t count, like milk).

Types of quantifiers:

  • Exact numbers: One, two, three, four… (can be used with countable nouns)
  • Indefinite quantifiers: Some, any, few, little, much, many, etc. 
  • Universal quantifiers: All, every, each, none, nobody, etc. (used with both countable and uncountable nouns)
  • Distributive quantifiers: Each, every (emphasize individual elements within a group)
  • Fractional quantifiers: Half, quarter, third, etc. (used with both countable and uncountable nouns)
  • Comparative quantifiers: More, less, fewer, least, etc. (suggest comparison of amounts)

Choosing the right quantifier:

The key to using quantifiers effectively is understanding their specific meanings and choosing the one that best matches the noun and the intended message. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Countable vs. uncountable nouns: Some quantifiers, like “few” and “many,” are specific to countable nouns, while “little” and “much” are used with uncountable nouns.
  • Positive vs. negative: Consider whether you want to express a positive amount (some, much) or a negative amount (little, hardly any).
  • Exactness vs. vagueness: Do you need to be precise (three apples) or are you being more general (a few apples)?
  • Formality: Some quantifiers, like “a good deal of” and “a great many,” are more formal than others.


  • I need a few books to read on the plane. (countable noun)
  • There wasn’t much coffee left in the pot. (uncountable noun)
  • Every student in the class completed the assignment. (universal quantifier)
  • Please give each person a slice of cake. (distributive quantifier)
  • She got half of the pie while I got only a quarter. (fractional quantifier)

By mastering quantifiers, you can add  precision to your English, making your communication clearer and more effective. 

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