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Grammar Worksheets

  • Verbs Worksheets

Simple Present

Simple Present_Negative

Present Continuous

Simple Present and Present Continuous

Simple Past_Regular Verbs Exercise

Simple Past Irregular Verbs Crossword

Used to + Infinitive

Past Continuous

Simple Past and Present Perfect Exercise 1

Simple Past vs. Present Perfect Exercise 2

Present Perfect Exercise

Has been vs. Have gone

Simple Past vs. Past Continuous

Past Perfect Exercise

Simple Past vs. Past Continuous vs. Past Perfect

Simple Past vs. Past Perfect

Future with “will”

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

Infinitive of Purpose Exercise

  • Modals Worksheets

Mustn’t and Don’t have to  

Giving Advice with “Should”

  • Passive Voice Worksheets

Active or Passive Voice (1)

Active or Passive Voice (2)

Simple Present Passive (1)

Simple Present Passive (2)

Simple Present Passive-Negative

Simple Present Passive-Questions

Simple Past Passive

Passive Voice – Mixed Tenses Exercise 1

Passive to Active – Mixed Tenses Exercise

  • Articles Worksheets

Articles (a, an, the) Exercise

  • Pronouns Worksheets

Personal Pronouns

Possessive Adjectives   

Reflexive Pronouns

  • Quantifiers Worksheets

Some or Any?

A few or A little?

  • Adjectives Worksheets

Comparative Adjectives Exercise

Superlative Adjectives Exercise

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives Exercise 1

Adjectives Ending with -ing and -ed Exercise

Vocabulary Worksheets

Context Clues

Vocabulary Describing People

Reading Worksheets

– The Big Match

– Smart Cities

– Healthy Eating

Writing Worksheets

Paragraph Planner 1

Paragraph Planner 2

The Simple Sentence Exercise

Compound Sentences (Using Conjunctions) 

Conjunctions Exercise

Simple and Compound Sentences Exercise

The Complex Sentence Exercise      

Handwriting Worksheets

– Letters A-F

– Letters G-L

– Letters M-Q

– Letters R-V

– Letters W-Z

– 3-Letter Words (1)

– 3-Letter Words (2)

– Name Tracing Worksheet (Anna)

– Name Tracing Worksheet (Salma)

– Name Tracing Worksheet (Lauren)

– Name Tracing Worksheet (James)

Days of the Week Tracing Worksheet

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