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7 Reasons Why Learning English Language Is Important

Learning a new language can be a fun experience at any age. People learn new languages ​​for a variety of reasons, such as traveling and working, but the benefits can be extremely valuable no matter the reason.

Learning a foreign language expands your cultural knowledge and helps you feel more confident while traveling. It is also true that learning a second language improves brain function. Research shows that people who speak more than one language have better memory, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, better concentration, better multitasking, and better listening skills. It is wonderful. We know that learning a language is a good idea, but why is it important to learn English?

1. English is the universal language

Approximately 1.75 billion people around the world speak English: about 400 million are native speakers of English and the rest speak English as a second or foreign language.

When you need to communicate with someone who doesn’t know your native language, most probably, you will be able to communicate in English. 

2. Learning English can help you find a job

English is the language of most fields, from science to business, from art to fashion and cooking. Many companies and workplaces consider English competency at a certain level as a job requirement. Your chances to get a good job with a good pay grow higher when your English is good enough to handle your work tasks. If your goal is to work at a multicultural company, you are advised to go ahead and work on improving your English.

3. Learning English can help study all over the world

It is a fact that many study programs in schools and universities around the world are offered in English. And most universities require their students to prove their mastery of the English language by presenting certain scores in any of the common international tests, such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Therefore, in a student planning to study in those schools or universities should work at an early stage on improving their English, particularly academic English. 

4. Mastering English helps you engage in the world of social media

It’s very clear that interacting  with others on social media, as a follower or as an influencer, can be much easier if you can use English fluently and appropriately.

Nowadays, social media is not merely for having fun. It is a means to promote your career or advertise your business. So engaging in social media and using the language that most people understand is no longer a luxury. Rather, it is a necessity.

5. Learning English opens the world of the Internet for you

No one can deny that most of the content on the Internet is written in English. So to be able to work online, to do research, or at least to read about your favorite topic, you need to master English.

6. Knowledge of English will make traveling much easier

Wherever you travel and for whatever reason, chances are high to be able to communicate with people in English. No one wants to ruin their journey just because they don’t know how to order a meal or ask about a place in a foreign country. So equipping yourself with a reasonable level  of the English language skills will save you a lot of trouble.

7. You can learn more than just languages.

Good English skills give you access to movies, music, and literature from hundreds of countries around the world. Needless to say, many books from all over the world have been translated into English. Therefore, understanding English opens the door to a whole world of new information and knowledge.

Learning English is important because it allows you to enjoy more than half of the content on the Internet. Knowing how to read English gives you access to billions of pages of information that you would never be able to read or understand otherwise.

The Importance of Learning English Today Learning English can be difficult and time-consuming, but it is also a very valuable language to learn and opens up many opportunities.

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