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Present Perfect Exercise

Present perfect tense is a mix of the past and the present. It expresses actions that have been completed recently but their effect can still be seen or actions that started in the past and are still effective in the present.
I have + past participle (V3)
We have + past participle (V3)
You have + past participle (V3)
They have + past participle (V3)
She has + past participle (V3)
He has + past participle (V3)
It has + past participle (V3)

Time to practice!

Complete these sentences with the present perfect form of the verbs provided.

1. They the gate. (close)

2. I _ this movie three times. (watch)

3. We a new car. (buy)

4. your room yet? (you/clean)

5. My mother an apple pie. The smell is so good! (make)

6. It raining yet. (not/stop)

7. The bus the station. (just/leave)

8. My brother his car yet. (not/sell)

9. My children their final exams. (finish)

10. his new neighbors yet? (John/meet)

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