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Past Continuous Exercise

Past continuous tense expresses an action that was happening (or in progress) at a specific time in the past.
I was verb+ing
She was verb+ing
He was verb+ing
It was verb+ing
We were verb+ing
You were verb+ing
They were verb+ing

Time to practice!

Complete these sentences with the past continuous form of the verbs provided.

1. The boys tennis when Tim broke his arm. (play)

2. Everyone when I arrived home. (sleep)

3. While the teacher the lesson, my phone rang. (explain)

4. I in the local market when I came across an old friend. (shop)

5. Why an hour ago? (the children/scream)

6. At this time last night, my father on his computer. (work)

7. We to contact you when you called. (try)

8. My brother _ in the living room when the guests arrived. (study)

9. What when you fell down? (you/do)

10. It when I left home. (rain)

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