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Future with "will" Exercise

Complete the sentences with the future tense of the verbs provided. Use “will.”

1. She didn’t study well. I don’t think she the exam. (pass)

2. I’m sorry for being late. It again. (not/happen)

3. Do you think they here soon? (be)

4. at home in the evening? (your father/be)

5. I hope more students to help us. (volunteer)

6. He’s just arrived. He you in a minute. (join)

7. Leave the old bread in the yard. The birds it. (eat)

8. Don’t drink coffee in the evening. You . (not/sleep)

9. The new employee doesn’t look very happy. I don’t think he very long. (stay)

10. Don’t worry! I her about the surprise party. (not/tell)

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