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Conjunctions Exercise

1. I love coffee, _________ I prefer tea.

2. He was tired, _________ he took a break.

3. She painted the living room, _________ he built a bookshelf.

4. I practiced hard, _________ I won the competition.

5. I couldn't go out, _________ the rain was very heavy.

6. She made her bed, _________ she went to the kitchen.

7. We did not have a break, _________ we had to finish the report.

8. Cut up the onion, _________ add the tuna fish.

9. You didn't answer my calls, _________ I came to check on you.

10. She cooked, _________ the children set the table.

11. I was tired, _________ I stayed up late to finish the project.

12. We canceled the trip, _________ the weather was bad.

13. She spoke softly, _________ I understood her.

14. We may travel on the weekend, _________ we may stay home and watch a movie.

15. The movie was exciting, _________ we stayed till the end.

16. We can have dinner at home, _________ we may eat at the new restaurant.

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