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The Complex Sentences Exercise

1. We visited London. We visited the Clock Towers. (when)

2. He had opened the gift. He realized it wasn't sent to him. (before)

3. You finish your homework. You can play video games. (if)

4. They didn't like each other. They had to work together. (although)

5. I stayed at college till 8 p.m. I wanted to finish my biology project. (because)

6. He fell down. He was fixing the light bulb. (while)

7. She won't decide on what to study. She gets the exam results. (until)

8. The guests had already left. I arrived home. (by the time)

9. I will eat. I make an urgent phone call. (after)

10. She was sick. She applied for a day off from work. (since)

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