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Past Perfect Exercise


Past perfect talks about an action that happened and completed before another action. Both of them are in the past. We use the simple past for the action that happened next.

Example 1:

First, I checked the company’s website. 

Second, I went to the job interview. 

I had checked the company’s website before I went to the job interview.


I went to the job interview after I had checked the company’s website.

Example 2:

I finished cooking at 2 p.m. The guests arrived at 3 p.m.

By the time the guests arrived, I had finished cooking.

Choose the correct verb forms to complete these sentences.

1. By the time he __________ (arrive), the party __________ (finish).

2. I __________ (not/be) to the cinema before I __________ (go) with my son last month.

3. She __________ (send) an email after we __________ (talk) on the phone.

4. After I __________ (discover) the damage in the sofa, I __________ (ring) the shop.

5. They __________ (take) a good rest after all the guests __________ (leave).

6. By the time I __________ (arrive) at work, everyone __________ (already/start) the meeting.

7. The children __________ (already/sleep) when the food __________ (be) ready.

8. The sun __________ (set) before I __________ (reach) the mountain peak.

9. I __________ (miss) my flight because I __________ (overslept).

10. He never __________ (forget) the people who __________ (help) him.

11. They __________ (have) a lot of trouble before they finally __________ (solve) the problem.

12. She __________ (come) in after we __________ (eat) all the pizza.

13. All the students __________ (arrive) before the class __________ (begin).

14. Before my father __________ (leave) the house, he __________ (drink) two cups of coffee.

15. They __________ (live) in a small apartment before they __________ (move) to their current house.

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