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Have been vs. Have gone

Choose "been" or "gone" to complete these sentences.

1. I don't see Jack. It seems he's __________ home.

2. Have you __________ to the beach? Your face is red.

3. I feel sad because my best friend has __________ to another school.

4. She's never __________ to China, but she'd love to go.

5. Where have you __________? I've been waiting for you.

6. My parents have __________ to London. They are enjoying their time.

7. "Have you ever __________ to Petra?" "Yes, I have."

8. My mother has __________ to the shop. She brought some good fruits.

9. They've __________ to the beach. They will stay there for two hours.

10. Rami has __________ to the restaurant with his friends. He'll be back soon.

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