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The Big Match!

Read this text and answer the questions that follow.

The Big Match!

It’s Saturday! The sun is shining, and everyone in the village is excited. Today is the day for the big football match between the Green Lions and the Blue Sharks!

Zaid, a young boy with bright eyes and a green scarf, is bouncing with excitement. He can’t wait to see his favorite player, the fast and skillful striker, Ron. He imagines him scoring the winning goal and bringing the championship trophy back to the Green Lions.

Zaid’s grandma, Mera, is also a big fan. She wears her lucky blue hat and waves a green flag. “Remember, Zaid,” she says, “good sportsmanship is always important, win or lose.” Zaid nods, knowing Mera is right.

The stadium is full of cheering fans. Green and blue flags wave in the air. Zaid and Mera find their seats and join the chants: “Go Green Lions!” “Score a goal, Ron!”

The game starts with a bang! The Blue Sharks are strong, but the Green Lions fight hard. Ron dribbles past defenders, his legs are like lightning. The crowd roars!

Then, halfway through the second half, a magical moment! Ron receives the ball near the corner. He takes two quick steps, then shoots! The ball flies through the air, a green blur against the blue sky. GOAL! The Green Lions win!

The stadium erupts in cheers! Zaid and Mera jump up and down, hugging each other. Ron celebrates with his teammates; his smile is as bright as the sun.

Zaid knows that even though his team won, the most important thing is the fun and the spirit of the game. He can’t wait to watch the next match!

1. What is the main event in the story?

2. Who is Zaid's favorite player?

3. What does Mera tell Zaid?

4. How does Ron score the winning goal?

5. What is the most important thing Zaid learns?

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