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Modals: Giving Advice with "Should"

Give advice using should or shouldn’t and the appropriate phrases from the list.

wash her hands     go with her     renew it    see a doctor

take it to the computer workshop     wear warm clothes     sleep earlier

blow his nose in front of people      ask for an extension skip classes

1. My laptop does not work any more.

2. I'm not feeling well today.

3. My sister is nervous about traveling alone.

4. He's often late for school because he goes to bed late.

5. I haven't finished the project and the deadline is very close.

6. Mary will make a salad. Her hands are dirty.

7. He always blows his nose in front of people.

8. My friend often skips classes.

9. It's very cold outside. My brother is wearing a T-shirt.

10. My card has expired.

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