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Infinitive of Purpose Exercise

Rewrite the sentences using an infinitive of purpose.


He is learning French because he wants to work in France.

He is learning French to work in France.

1. I went to the pharmacy because I wanted to buy a painkiller.

2. She runs every day because she wants to get fit.

3. We are saving money because we want to buy a new car.

4. He is organizing a party because he wants to celebrate the success of his company.

5. I stayed at college till 8 p.m. because I wanted to finish my biology project.

6. My father called his friends because he wanted to invite them to dinner.

7. They have gone to the market. They want to buy fruits and vegetables.

8. Salma is studying hard. She wants to pass her upcoming exams.

9. My mother needs flour because she wants to make a cake.

10. He left home early because he wanted to catch the 6 o'clock bus.

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