English Learning Box

Simple Present and Present Continuous

1. Sarah usually on Mondays and Wednesdays. (swim)

2. We a delicious breakfast right now. (have)

3. What for the upcoming exams? (study)

4. The sun in the east. (rise)

5. John the guitar at the moment. (play)

6. I _ why you're angry. (not / understand)

7. She French at a language institute this semester. (learn)

8. They a movie every Friday night. (watch)

9. The sun brightly today. (shine)

10. She in ghosts. (not / believe)

11. The train at 10:30 every morning. (leave)

12. Look! The cat the tree. (climb)

13. He this math problem. (not / understand)

14. They a new school in our neighborhood. (build)

15. She as a doctor at the local hospital. (work)

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