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Simple Past or Present Perfect?

1. __________ any historical fiction books lately?

2. I __________ such a beautiful sunset before!

3. We __________ any aliens yet, but the search continues!

4. When I __________ a child, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut.

5. In 1274, Marco Polo __________ from Italy to China by land.

6. The Internet __________ the way we communicate forever.

7. The dinosaurs __________ from Earth 66 million years ago.

8. __________ a place with ancient ruins?

9. The Egyptians __________ the Great Pyramid of Giza thousands of years ago.

10. I __________ sushi before.

11. Shakespeare __________ many famous plays, including "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet."

12. My best friend __________ in Japan for five years now and loves it.

13. The movie __________, so let's hurry and find our seats!

14. My sister __________ the dishes yet.

15. They __________ the summer vacation in Morocco last year.

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