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Mustn't and Don't have to

1. Please help yourself! You __________ ask.

2. You __________ be late to the meeting. This makes the boss angry.

3. He __________ miss the deadline. This is important.

4. You __________ wear formal clothes. It's going to an informal gathering.

5. You __________ tell anybody about it. It's a secret.

6. She __________ bring the book this week. I don't need it now.

7. You __________ speak to the driver while he's driving. It's dangerous.

8. You __________ leave your clothes and toys on the floor.

9. Our work hours are flexible. We __________ at work early in the morning.

10. You __________ bring anything with you. I've prepared everything for the party.

11. You __________ smoke inside the building. It's not allowed.

12. He __________ take the umbrella. It's not raining.

13. Reading this article is optional. We __________ read it if we don't want to.

14. When you have children in the place, you __________ leave small objects lying around.

15. You __________ open suspicious links. Your device may get hacked.

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