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Adjectives Ending with -ing or -ed to Exercise

1. James was __________ by the movie.

2. Their performance was __________.

3. I was __________ when I heard her answer.

4. Our neighbors' music is __________.

5. He always feels __________ when he has to watch a golf match.

6. The guests were __________ when they saw my identical twin.

7. Her answer was really __________.

8. The children were __________ when they saw the clown.

9. They were __________ by the news.

10. By the end of the week, I felt so __________ that I needed a long break.

11. It's always __________ to see identical twins together.

12. Do you feel __________ when you are alone at home?

13. She was __________ when many people came to her party.

14. I met my friend and her __________ child in the park.

15. They returned all the __________ items to the factory and asked for a refund.

16. For many people, the weather in winter is __________.

17. It's __________ to meet an old friend you forgot his or her name.

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