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Superlative Adjectives Exercise

1. Your drawing is one. (nice)

2. Jimmy is in the family. (tall)

3. This is question in the test. (hard)

4. Traveling by plane is means of transportation. (fast)

5. New York  city in the USA. (big)

6. This book is book I've ever read. (interesting)

7. The weather today is during this week. (bad)

8. Huda is girl in my class. (friendly)

9. Last week was week this month. (busy)

10. My sister makes pineapple cake. (good)

11. Cricket is sport in India and Pakistan. (popular)

12. My youngest child is in the family. (funny)

13. John is player in the boxing team. (strong)

14. I've brought you flower in the garden. (beautiful)

15. The China Wall is in the world. (long)

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