English Learning Box

Simple Present

1. I the car every day. (wash)

2. My father sports at a primary school. (teach)

3. The farmer the plants every morning. (water)

4. My friends busy because they have exams. (be)

5. My roommate three languages. (speak)

6. My mother usually early in the morning. (get up)

7. she a teacher or a nurse? (be)

8. The next class at 10 o'clock. (start)

9. My brother to work on foot. (go)

10. We sometimes lunch at college. (eat)

11. She usually chess with her friends. (play)

12. The baby when it feels hungry. (cry)

13. My friend's name Maria. (be)

14. Our neighbors from Iraq. (be)

15. I in a nice apartment near the university. (live)

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