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Simple Present Passive 2

1. Very nice coffee in this cafe. (make)

2. A lot of milk to make desserts. (use)

3. The food by my mother at the local market. (buy)

4. He to the party. (invite)

5. The final report by the manager. (write)

6. Cars by the mechanic. (repair)

7. You warmly at the door. (greet)

8. New houses very quickly in our area. (build)

9. The software by a team of engineers. (develop)

10. The books out to the students. (hand)

11. The house every year. (paint)

12. The tickets at a reasonable price. (sell)

13. Apples by children. (eat)

14. Announcements by the secretary. (send)

15. Mathematics by smart teachers. (teach)

16. The clothes by the maid. (wash)

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