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Simple Past vs. Present Perfect Exercise 2

1. He __________ to work every day for the last few months.

2. I __________ from university five years ago.

3. She __________ her phone last week. Later, she found it in her car.

4. He __________ his arm. He needs to go to the hospital.

5. I __________ this movie three times. I'm going to watch it again.

6. My mother __________ this movie when she was young.

7. __________ Japanese food?

8. Ouch! I __________ my finger.

9. The book __________ boring. I returned it to the library.

10. They __________ the shop early this morning.

11. __________ the Great Wall when you were in China?

12. Mom isn't here. She __________ to the mall.

13. I __________ time to talk to the principal yesterday.

14. I __________ my friend ten minutes ago.

15. Susan __________ the dishes yet.

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