English Learning Box

Present Continuous Exercise

1. I tea now. (drink)

2. Look ! The plane . (land)

3. We for an important email. (wait)

4. She at home today. (not/work)

5. My sister and I a horror movie tonight. (watch)

6. in the same hotel? (you/stay)

7. Listen! The baby . (cry)

8. The session soon. (start)

9. A lot of students AI to complete their assignments. (use)

10. the doctor tomorrow? (your father/see)

11. They a new stadium in our city. (not/build)

12. I a story on the computer. (type)

13. The birds sweetly in the trees. (sing)

14. The girl to read. (learn)

15. Tim and his brother in the living room. (study)

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