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Reflexive Pronouns Exercise

1. John, don't blame __________ for the accident.

2. She dried __________ with a towel.

3. The children smiled when they saw __________ in the mirror.

4. My brother finally got __________ married.

5. We absented __________ from work.

6. She asked the guest to help __________ to the desserts.

7. I solved the problem __________. Nobody helped me.

8. She made the dress by __________.

9. Don't worry! We can take care of __________.

10. I can't carry your bag. Carry it __________.

11. The movie __________ was good, but the movie theater was noisy.

12. He should take pride in __________ for what he has achieved.

13. We can enjoy __________ on weekends without spending a lot of money.

14. It's amazing how the body can fix __________!

15. Boys, you should be proud of __________. You did a great job!

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