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Simple Past _ Regular Verbs Exercise

Complete the sentences with the simple past form of the verbs provided. 

1. She her new book last month. (publish)

2. We TV all night. (watch)

3. He like a baby. (cry)

4. We the leader’s orders. (obey)

5. The old man at the little child. (smile)

6. Yesterday, my mother a nice meal for my friends. (cook)

7. Last week, we for 3 hours at the airport. (wait)

8. We the meeting 2 hours ago. (finish)

9. A lot of people our corner at the bazaar. (visit)

10. She talking when the principal stepped in. (stop)

11. We chess at school. (play)

12. The maid the floor in the morning. (mop)

13. She the shopping bags on her way home. (carry)

14. I the cookies yesterday. (burn)

15. We when we saw that silly hat. (laugh)

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